Investment and Saving Advice

Whether you’re a veteran investor or simply wondering if investments are the right route for you, we can help. We don’t believe in a one size fits all and will tailor our advice to your individual circumstances.

Old Royle will assess your needs and put together an attractive investment strategy in line your long-term financial objectives and another very important aspect is we will assess what type of investment you feel most comfortable with. Everyone’s financial objectives are different and so are each person’s levels on what they do, and don’t feel comfortable with. We are here to explain and guide you through the world of investing and help find you an option.

Why Invest?

There are many reasons why someone may look to invest, it could be to simply grow on your existing capital to try and counter affect the effects of inflation, to provide yourself with a more comfortable retirement, to provide an income, to provide an inheritance or simply to utilize your ISA allowance for tax efficiency, either way we are here to help.

For years, putting your money into a high interest savings account has been one of the safest and most efficient ways to invest your money. However, since the 2008 financial crisis, many savings accounts can now offer even less interest than your current account does. The issue with this can be that Inflation could depreciate the long-term value of your cash savings deposits, meaning your own individual living costs possibly being more than what you are receiving in interest. In the current financial climate this has led many to invest into different types of asset classes rather than simply relying on deposit based savings accounts.

It is important to ensure you have monies accessible in case of an emergency, but depositing every penny into cash deposit accounts alone could lead to the implications as detailed above over the long term. The choices available to both first-time and veteran investors can be overwhelming and we’re committed to providing the best investment vehicles to suit your individual needs.

Old Royle will construct an attractive investment portfolio that reflects your long-term objectives and follow a pre-agreed level for what type of investment you feel most comfortable with.

We utilize a wide range of asset classes and investments, ranging from those that may be more suited to cautious investors, to other types of investments for those with more appetite for risk. Regardless of which type of investor you are we can help. No one has a crystal ball to predict what will happen in the future but what we can do is provide an investment portfolio diversified across different asset classes in line with your financial objectives and goals.

We bring experience to bear on a robust investment process that includes:

  • A clear and accurate assessment of your risk/reward profile and your individual needs
  • Determining the best type of product and optimizing maximum tax efficiency
  • Ascertaining the most appropriate spread of different asset classes
  • Utilizing respected research to determine the best options for you
  • Active monitoring & management of your portfolio on an ongoing basis, keeping you on track
  • Providing an award winning platform 
  • Ability to track your investments online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

If you have any questions about our investment and savings services, or investments in general, please call us on 01603 964076.

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Investments, their future income & value can fluctuate and you may get back less than you originally invest.
Past performance is not a guide to future performance.
Tax rules & legislation can change overtime.